The Brad Johnston Institute

Clients flock to the Institute for Brad's sage advice.


The Rapper

The Bond Trader

The Fitness Star

The Candidate

The Niece

The Game

The Fitness Star and the Niece — Part 1

The Fitness Star and the Niece — Part 2


BRAD'S Pearls of Wisdom

Brad holds forth from behind the podium in his living room.

Acronyms and Initialisms

Holiday Greetings


Brad on the Move

Selfie stick in hand, Brad hits the streets to take his advice to the people.

The Birthday Party


Williams College Women's Ice Hockey Team

Exploding Fist Bump

Aroma Matters

Consensual Pulling

Hair Doesn't Matter

Napping in Poland


Viking Warrior

Multicultural Central Park

Talking to Snakes

The Collaborative Second Grader

Wordplay and Loud Words

Dancing with a Fan

Getting People's Attention!



Brad's clients offer testimonials of their experiences with him.

The Sister and the Niece