Trailer. Self-proclaimed communication skills expert Brad Johnston dispenses his well-meaning but really bad advice.

Episode 1. "The Rapper"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Keith "WildChild" Middleton, and Martina Dimitrova.

Episode 2. "The Bond Trader"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Judy Gold, and Joe Conceison.

Episode 3. "The Fitness Star"
Cast: Brandt Johnson and Summer Broyhill.

Episode 4. "The Candidate"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Stephen Bradbury, and Jamal Marshall.

Episode 5. "The Niece"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Sophie Carissimo, and Melissa Johnson Carissimo.

Episode 6. "The Game"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Jen Burry, and Gabriela Dias.

Episode 7. "Brad on the Street — Jonathan London, Geekscape"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Jonathan London, and Matt Kelly.

Episode 8. "Pearls of Wisdom — Acronyms and Initialisms"
Cast: Brandt Johnson.

Episode 9. "Testimonials — The Sister and the Niece"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Melissa Johnson Carissimo, and Sophie Carissimo.

Episode 12. "The Birthday Party"


Episode 15. "Brad in Grand Central — Exploding Fist Bump."

Episode 18. "Brad in Grand Central — Hair Doesn't Matter"

Episode 21. "Brad in Grand Central — Viking Warrior"

Episode 10. "The Fitness Star and the Niece — Part 1"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Summer Broyhill, and Sophie Carissimo.

Episode 13. "Pearls of Wisdom — Holiday Greetings"

Episode 16. "Brad in Grand Central — Aroma Matters"

Episode 19. "Brad in Grand Central — Napping in Poland"

Episode 11. "The Fitness Star and the Niece — Part 2"
Cast: Brandt Johnson, Summer Broyhill, and Sophie Carissimo.

Episode 14. "Brad in Grand Central — Williams College Women's Ice Hockey Team"

Episode 17. "Brad in Grand Central — Consensual Pulling"

Episode 20. "Brad in Grand Central — Buddies?"